About Me

I am a 24-year-old Belgian engineer (hence “Belgianeer”) who has become fascinated by lifestyle-design / personal development (whatever you want to call it) since the start of 2009.  My real name is Jeroen, but on the internet and when travelling abroad I usually use the name Jay. Why?

  1. Except for Dutch people it is practically impossible to remember my name.
  2. Even when people remember it, usually the pronunciation is very difficult.

About this blog

Since february 2009 i have been reading a lot of blogs, on all kinds of subjects. This blog is my first attempt at blogging. I will use this blog as a platform for sharing the things i’ve discovered along the way.  I hope you will stick around a bit, i’m sure the quality of this blog will improve dramatically over the next few weeks and months. Another goal is to connect with other people for possible cooperation in the future.

I have very broad interests and in the last year i have gained a lot of new knowledge/skills. I will try to highlight some aspects in this blog mainly from the perspective of an engineer. I know that word doesn’t sound very exciting, but what i learned during my studies (analytical thinking, deconstructing problems, problem-solving, …) are very useful for any person. So even if you aren’t an engineer, i’m sure there will be enough things you can pick up on here.

I want to apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors you might encounter. My first language is Dutch (Flemish),  next to that i speak English, Spanish, French and some German. I chose to write in English on here because i’m quite familiar with the language and because i can reach a much bigger audience that if i were to write in Dutch.

I think one of the greatest aspects of blogging is the sharing of information and the direct communication between writer and reader. So you would be so kind to leave a comment or offer advice it would be highly appreciated.

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