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Learn Spanish Quickly

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Learning a language is a fast and fun process.

With a fast Spanish course you can learn to speak spanish quickly in a matter of weeks.

The right courses offer many benefits, and with interesting material you’ll advance a lot quicker.

Personally, i speak a couple of languages. Dutch is my mother tongue, but i can also speak english quite well. Furthermore i learned French in school, and i can speak a bit of german. But Spanish is something that i wanted to learn for a long time, and i’m very glad i did it.

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Will you grow staying in your comfort zone?

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Personal development is all about growth, improving yourself. It’s a vague term because there are many ways people can grow and improve their lives: spiritually, financially, socially, losing weight, getting better organised, …

But things do not grow by themselves. A lot of energy is necessary: plants need the sun, children need food to give their bodies the energy and materials to grow, a building under construction needs materials and the labour of skilled workers to advance, …

But what is necessary for personal development?

I ask myself and you that question because i think it is a fundamental one. This post doesn’t give “5 ways to grow as a person today”, but it’s a way for me to think about the foundations of personal change. I have been reading books and blogs about the subject for almost a year now and at times it gets confusing.

Everybody has his own methods, principles, habits, … Many of which are conflicting with what the other person is saying. What’s the most important aspect? The most important “nutrient”, driver, foundation?

I have had tremendous growth over the past year  in a lot of areas (i learned Spanish, i got organised, overcame my habit of procrastination, improved my social skills, i learned to meditate, …). The main reason was that i challenged myself. It’s easy to do the things you’re used to, to hang out with the same people, to read the familiar websites and magazines. It’s comforting to indulge in entertainment like TV, hollywood movies, and broadcasted sports.

But what happens when you start reading books that challenge your ideas? When you start adapting the way you interact with other people? When you travel abroad and learn a new language? For most people this is scary, and they think it’s better to stick to the things they are used to. I used to be like this.

But more and more i am starting to let go of this fear and the results have been phenomenal. I’ll end with a great advice to live by from Eleanor Roosevelt. Just imagine following this advice if just for one year of your life, envision the results and experiences that you would have:

Do something everyday that scares you.

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Hello world!

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Hello world indeed!

This is my first real “post” on this blog. I am actually quite new to the phenomenon of blogging. I started following some blogs around 8 months ago . During that time i gradually got to know more and more blogs and i learned A LOT and have absorbed a lot of information which i used to improve my life.
This blog is a first attempt to get acquinted with blogging. Hopefully i can meet some fellow bloggers to share knowledge with and hopefully you, the reader, will get something out of this.

If you want to know some more details about me, click on “About”.

Un saludo

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